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Take charge of the impact of your research.

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Be inspired by the real-world impact your research can create.

Become the champion of your own research impact potential.

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Designed for emerging researchers,
such as Masters by Research students,
PhD students, and postdocs.

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Uncover the problems that potential partners want to solve, and understand what your research might do to help.

A hands-on professional development program putting into practice skills and tools that will enable you to:

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Identify and engage with potential partners in industry, government and community groups to explore research translation opportunities .




Intake for the Spring 2021 is open.

Enrol by 22 September.

Free coaching conversation to determine if this is the right fit for you.

What's Involoved:

Time commitment of 15 hours over 4 weeks including:

  • Half-day interactive online workshop

  • 5 x self-paced online learning modules

  • 30-minute 1-to-1 coaching session

  • Post-program debrief.

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Past Participants' Experience



“This has been a very insightful and helpful program. I came in to this with very limited knowledge of how to translate my work in to real world impact.

I have come away with a better understanding now, and am feeling more confident about potentially working with industry partners as a pathway to creating real impact.”

"Excellent program! It was wonderfully structured, full of insights and great advice during the coaching call!
I feel I have gained clarity around the expectations of translation research and that will help immensely in my final stages of the PhD. Thanks so much!"

Tools and Frameworks


Massive Impact:

drawing on the science of motivation, systems thinking and impact planning to stretch your thinking about the positive difference your research or idea might make in the world.


Stakeholder discussions:

validate your assumptions about the value of your research by engaging with potential partners in industry, government, and the community, and understanding their problems.

Learn the art of how to initiate this engagement, and how to guide these discussions to get real insights into the way these partners see the world.


Research to Impact Map:

drawing on lean innovation tools and the stakeholder discovery process to identify critical assumptions about the value of your research to customers/end-users.


Intellectual property 101:

a brief introduction to the role and value of IP in creating impact, and basic tips on how to deal with IP and disclosure considerations in stakeholder discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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