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About The Ascend Program


Cruxes Innovation’s Ascend Program is an intensive, hands-on, multi-week, experiential learning program delivered on-line. The Ascend Program builds on Cruxes Innovation’s Base Program and Trek Program


The Ascend Program is aimed at high-impact-potential project teams of 2-5 people, including researchers at any stage (Masters by Research students, PhD students, postdocs, mid-career researchers, and research leaders), professional colleagues (business development, industry engagement, tech transfer, MBA students), and external collaborators. 


The Ascend Program gives high-potential research teams the skills, tools and support to build deep, sustained partnerships with Australian and international industry, community groups, and government to solve problems. Building on the tools and skills learned in the Base Program and the Trek Program, the Ascend Program equips you with:


  • Tools to help you identify multiple potential applications for your research.

  • Frameworks and communication skills to rapidly test the value of your research with potential stakeholders in each of these applications.

  • Skills to identify, engage with and develop relationships with potential early adopters of your research, and to develop targeted engagement plans.


Each Ascend Program team is matched with one of more of our industry mentors, to accelerate the team's progress towards unlocking the impact potential of their research.

Project outcomes


Ascend Program participation typically leads to one or more of these outcomes for your research project: 


  • Clear, shared team impact goals for the project.

  • Broader support for your project and its impact goals from your Centre and university.

  • A validated impact statement for the project, resulting in more success in research funding applications.

  • New industry, government and/or community partners, leading to new research and/or translation funding.

  • A decision to redirect the project to achieve more impact, or even to discontinue it and refocus on other projects with higher impact potential.

Program Flexibility and Scalability


Our programs can be delivered face to face, online or blended and can be customised to meet your needs.  

Impact Pathfinders Scholarship

This is a Cruxes Innovation initiative to support research teams who have strong desire for impact and need to accelerate their progress towards industry engagement now.

Struggling to secure financial support from your research/home institution to participate in Cruxes Innovation’s Ascend Program? Contact us to enquire about the Impact Pathfinders Scholarship.

Contact us to register your interest!

Appliaton for Ascend
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Is the Ascend research impact program right for me?
Not sure if Ascend Program is for you?  This brief quiz will help you find out. 

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