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At Cruxes Innovation, we’re passionate about helping to build a strong national community of impact-focused Australian researchers who help and inspire one another to unlock the impact potential of our amazing research.  Cruxes Innovation’s Impact Pathfinders events bring this community together to inspire, support, and encourage one another on their journeys to impact, and to hear from leaders in the field.  Impact Pathfinders events typically run three times each year.  These events are free to attend for our partners and collaborators.

Are you an impact-curious researcher, especially an HDR or ECR? We’d love to encourage you to join this supportive community. Please click HERE to join our Impact Pathfinders mailing list to hear about upcoming events.

Have an idea about an impact-focused research leader whom you’d like to hear from at an upcoming Impact Pathfinders event?  Please drop us a line!

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Please stay tuned for our next Impact Pathfinders event!

Coming up in early 2024.

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