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Australian research is among the best on the planet.  Its potential to make a difference in the world is huge and largely untapped.

What if we could build on breakthrough Australian science and research to address global challenges and propel our transition into a sustainable future?

We believe the best way to unlock the potential of Australian research is to give researchers themselves the skills and support to build deep, sustained partnerships with industry, community groups, and government to solve real-world problems.


Cruxes wants to help enable a system that, by 2025, creates thousands of new Australian jobs each year delivering local solutions to global problems based on breakthrough Australian research.

This requires cultural changes in Australian research, industry, and government.



Jonathan Lacey


Research origins: UoM, photonics

10 years in Silicon Valley

CEO of Monash spin-out

CSIRO business development

CSIRO ON Prime facilitator

“Australian researchers are brilliant!  I want

to use what I've learned from my research translation successes and failures to help unlock the potential of Australian research

to solve big problems, and leave a better world for our children.” 


Emily Chang


Organisational psychology 

Executive and founder coaching

CSIRO ON Head of Products, Lead Program Designer

USyd INCUBATE Resident Entrepreneur

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship Unit Facilitator

“I love working with amazing minds and uncovering new possibilities with them through the messy customer and market discovery process. There's not many roles that enable you

to learn and grow your skillset and expand your worldview every day.”


Cruxes has designed and delivered experiential learning and coaching programs for more than 800 Australian university researchers, in all disciplines, at more than 30 Australian universities, since its foundation in early 2020.

Our programs have evolved from global and Australian best practice: Stanford’s Lean Launchpad, the US National Science Foundation’s i-Corps, Innovate UK’s iCURe,  and CSIRO’s ON program.  

Based on over six years of continuous improvement and co-design with customers and alumni, the Cruxes program suite is a scalable system that helps research organisations build organisation-wide innovation, entrepreneurship, and research translation capabilities and culture.


Our programs are:

  • Field-tested: we’ve helped over 800 Australian researchers in just three years.

  • Scalable: give every researcher in the organisation the capability to initiate engagement with industry, be entrepreneurial, and win impact-focused grants.

  • Efficiency-enhancing: reduce pressure on business development professionals so they efficiently identify and focus on high-potential-value projects. 

  • Industry-supported, via our curated mentor network of senior industry leaders.

  • Aligned through our mentors with national priority areas. 

  • Relevant to all research disciplines and target impact sectors.

  • Complementary to universities’ in-house accelerators: Our programs are research-focused, and help all impact pathways, not just start-up.


Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 12.08.02 pm.png


One of the key differentiators of Cruxes' Ascend program is the calibre of the industry mentors we match each team with, to accelerate the team's progress towards unlocking the impact potential of their research.


We curate a diverse group of professionals, with senior roles in industry and innovation, who share our passion for helping to build the Australian research impact ecosystem so much that they volunteer their time and their networks to help our teams.

Industry mentors



Alberto Balbo

Andrew Davis.jpg

Andrew Davis


Lance Chia

Leonore Ryan.jpg

Leonore Ryan

Michelle Xu.jpg

Michelle Xu

Reema D'Souza.jpg

Reema D'Souza

Salvatore Cristiano.jpg

Salvatore Cristiano 

Sherman Mak.jpg

Sherman Mak

Vafa Shams.jpg

Vafa Shams

Alison Wiltshire.jpg

Alison Wiltshire

Hugo LeMessurier.jpg

Hugo LeMessurier

Laura Kostanski.jpg

Laura Kostanski

Luke Harwood.jpg

Luke Harwood


Peter Batchelor

Rob Ormsby.jpg

Rob Ormsby

Sam Evans.jpg

Samuel Evans


Simon Wilkins

Warren Jennings_edited_edited.jpg

Warren Jennings

Anne maree.jpg

Anne-Maree Taylor


June Gameau

Lauren Stafford.jpg

Lauren Stafford

Melissa van der Burgt.jpg

Melissa van der Burgt

Rachel Audigé.jpg

Rachel Audigé


Ruth Marshall


Sarvesh Soni

Steve Raine.jpg

Steve Raine

Will Schmitt.jpg

Will Schmitt

If you are energised by the impact potential of Australian research and would like to help us build the Australian research impact ecosystem in a mentoring capacity, we would love to chat to you!


Watch this short video to learn more about why these Ascend mentors are passionate about helping Australia’s talented researchers to solve real world problems and create impact. 

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